Destructive Reach

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Destructive Reach
Spell shadow corpseexplode
  • Increases the range of your Destruction spells by X% and reduces threat caused by Destruction spells by Y%.
Usable by
LocationDestruction, Tier 5
AffectsAll Destruction spells: Shadow Bolt, Immolate and other fire damage spells, etc.
Points required20
Spec specificYes

Destructive Reach is a warlock talent which increases the range of Destruction spells and reduces their threat.

Rank table Edit

Rank Range Increase Threat Reduction
1 10% 10%
2 20% 20%

Notes Edit

Most spells have a range of 30 yards, so this increases the range to 33 and 36 yards.

The counterpart to this talent in the Affliction tree is Grim Reach.

The extra range granted by this talent gives the warlock a useful advantage by increasing the amount of time available to cast a spell before a mob or PvP opponent can close the distance to attack.

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