The Desert Fox can be found sprinting through various locations within the Cradle of the Ancients[43.3, 69.3] in Uldum. Commander Schnottz has been attempting to capture the Fox and sends players to do so for him in order to prove themselves.

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  • This mob appears as friendly to players. Hunters can use this in order to track his location on their minimap, as the Fox is the only friendly unit in the area.
  • This mob cannot be tamed or killed.
  • There are multiple spawn locations. Consider using the following macro if you cannot track beasts:
    /target Desert Fox
    /run if GetRaidTargetIndex("target")~=6 then SetRaidTarget("target",6)end
  • The Desert Fox is a direct reference to the German field marshal Erwin Rommel who gained the Desert Fox nickname for his brilliant leadership in North Africa while serving Hitler in World War II. The Fox also fits in with the remaining lore of the area surrounding Commander Schnottz, especially the failed assassination attempt, which reflects the plot to kill Hitler, of which Rommel was also a part of.

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