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Inv stone 032020
  • Depleted Crystal Focus
  • Item Level 0
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Use: Combine with 10 Apexis Shards to create a Charged Crystal Focus. The charged crystal can be used for instant healing and is rumored to have other uses. Kronk in Ogri'la can likely tell you about this.
  • 1 Charges


This item can be looted from

They are not Bind on Pickup and can be traded to other players. However, once converted into a Charged Crystal Focus, they become Soulbound.

The drop rate is about 2.5%.

Patches and Hotfixes Edit

0200Bc icon Patch 2.2.0 (25-Sep-2007): You can no longer get this from Kronk's Grab Bag.
0200Bc icon Patch 2.3.0 (13-Nov-2007):  Stack sized increased to 20 from 1.

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