Deng is one of two small pandaren children that can be found running to the Temple of Five Dawns in the center of the Wandering Isle with his friend, Cai. They only appear after players have accepted The Singing Pools and disappear shortly after their dialogue.

Dialogue Edit

Cai says: Hey there! Are you the one that brought back the fire spirit?
Deng says: Was he hot? I bet he was hot!
Cai says: Of course he was hot! Don't be dumb, Deng.
Deng says: I bet you're real strong, huh? You could probably kick that bridge right in half if you wanted to!
Cai says: Nuh uh. Bet they could for sure kick you over that hill, though! Ha!
Cai says: Okay bye.
Deng says: Bye!

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Early beta model

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