For the artifact, see Demon Soul.
Demon Soul
Achievement boss devourerofsouls
  • Demon Soul
  • 100 yd  range
  • 2 minutes cooldown
  • 15% of base mana
  • sec cast
  • You and your summoned demon fuse souls, granting the Warlock a temporary power depending on the demon currently enslaved.

    Imp - Critical Strike damage on cast time Destruction spells increased by 60% for 30 sec. Each spell cast benefitting from this effect reduces the bonus by 20% until the bonus expires after 3 casts.

    Voidwalker - All threat generated by you transferred to your Voidwalker for 15 sec.

    Succubus - Shadow Bolt damage increased by 10% for 20 sec.

    Felhunter - Periodic shadow damage increased by 20% for 20 sec.

    Felguard - Spell haste increased by 15% and fire and shadow damage done increased by 10% for 20 sec.
Usable by
Casting timeInstant cast
Cooldown2 minutes

Demon Soul is a new warlock ability that comes with Cataclysm, learned at level 85 for 28Gold 20Silver. It was first announced in the Cataclysm warlock preview.

Demon Soul fuses the warlock's soul with his or her demon. This provides warlocks with a self-burst cooldown to use. The specific effects granted by Demon Soul depend on the demon chosen. Demon Soul lasts for a certain number of charges or until it expires (around 20 seconds), depending on the demon used. 2-minute cooldown.

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