Defias Pillagers are feared residents of Moonbrook in Westfall because of their high damage fireballs.

Another factor in this mob's lethality is its often close clustering with other Pillagers and nearby Defias Looters. A combination of a Pillager's Frost Armor, Looter's Disarm, and Looter's Backstab make tangling with two mobs a nearly impossible task for the level 14-16 quester. Pillagers are still dangerous when their level is green, taking out huge chunks of health even with the occasional resist.

They are warriors and rogues and are the stronger field units of the Defias Brotherhood.[1] (DF 174)

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Objective: Kill 15 Defias Pillagers and 15 Defias Looters.


According to Blizzard at BlizzCon '07 "few mobs kill as much players as the Defias Pillagers."

Patch changesEdit

Bc icon Patch 2.3.0 (13-Nov-2007): This mob's fireball damage has been reduced.

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