Deepstone Elementals are a type of earth elemental that can be found at the site of the Storm's Fury Wreckage[55.9, 74.3]
in Deepholm. They are reducing what remains of the gunship to dust, potentially obliterating all evidence of where a piece of the shattered World Pillar was taken.

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Item Source Use
Inv misc volatileearth [Volatile Earth] APB Skill Mining Mining All primary production professions
Spell fire flameblades[Smelting] for Inv misc ebonsteelbar [Hardened Elementium Bar]
Item elementiumore [Obsidium Ore] APB Skill Mining Mining Inv misc gem bloodgem 01[Prospecting]
Spell fire flameblades[Smelting] for Inv stone 15 [Obsidium Bar]

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