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Earthen Ring 64Therazane 64 The following NPCs can be found in Deepholm. Note that some areas are dependent upon phasing.

Questgivers Quest Avail 16x16Edit

Alliance Gunship
Crimson Expanse
Crumbling Depths
Fractured Front
Halcyon Egress
Jagged Wastes
Needlerock Chasm
Pale Roost
Quaking Fields
Quartzite Basin
Shuddering Spires
Temple of Earth
Therazane's Throne
Twilight Overlook
Verlok Stand

Class trainers MiniIcon ClassTrainerEdit

There are no class trainers located in Deepholm.

Profession (Tradeskill) trainers TrainergossipiconEdit

There are no profession trainers in Deepholm.

Merchants Npc bag on 16x16Edit

Temple of Earth
Therazane's Throne
Twilight Overlook

Services MiniIcon FlightMasterInngossipiconMiniIcon StableMasterEdit

Temple of Earth

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