Dedication of Honor

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Dedication of Honor

The Dedication of Honor.

The Dedication of Honor is a memorial erected in Runeweaver Square at the center of Dalaran, to honor the heroes who fought against the Lich King and the Scourge. It becomes a permanent feature of Dalaran once someone on the server defeats the Lich King.

The fountain presents Tirion Fordring at the top with Ashbringer held high, with four soldiers of the Alliance and the Horde circling beneath him and a bust of the shattered hilt of Frostmourne, the cursed blade of the Lich King, at the base of Tirion's statue.

The dedication reads:

Dedicated to those that fell to the Scourge during the War in the Frozen Wastes.



Similar to re-watching the Wrathgate cinematic by talking to Alexstrasza, this memorial also allow players to watch the final moments of Arthas Menethil and Bolvar Fordragon's crowning as the new Lich King. Because the cinematic is stored on player's computers, it can be viewed by manually browsing the game files as well.

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