Deathtouch the Forsaken spymaster, also known as the "Master of Disguise", has a life that is known little about. Before he became Forsaken, he was a farmer struggling to survive on the outskirts of Lordaeron City. He was one of the first to die during Arthas's conquest of the continent. He remembers plowing a field, and turning to face a pack of ravaging ghouls. He woke up to a dark night, lying on blighted soil. At first, he was frightened by his new life, but then he met Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.

No one knows what she said to him, but from that moment forward he became one of her deadliest slayers. Deathtouch learned the arts of the spymaster to further his usefulness to the Dark Lady.

Unknown to the Alliance, Deathtouch has assassinated a high-ranking noble in Stormwind and slowly gains political power, impersonating the noble and controlling his lands. While his servants are beginning to suspect their master, the damage has already been done, and Deathtouch has increased the length of the Forsaken's arm all the way to Stormwind.[1]

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