Deathstalker Vincent is a level 21 Forsaken found in Shadowfang Keep.

Vincent ends the quest Horde 15 [25D] Deathstalkers in Shadowfang.

See Shadowfang Keep NPCs.


In preparation for an assault on Shadowfang Keep, two deathstalkers were sent to the keep to gather intelligence. Days passed, and they did not return. Without their information, the Forsaken could not initiate a successful attack. While scouting the Shadowfang Keep, Deathstalker Adamant was captured and thrown into a cell guarded by a worgen named Rethilgore. Vincent was later slain and left lying on the floor.

Arugal's Monologue to Deathstalker VincentEdit

Arugal and Vincent

Arugal and Vincent

"I have changed my mind loyal servants, you do not need to bring the prisoner all the way to my study, I will deal with him here and now. Vincent! You and your pathetic ilk will find no more success in routing my sons and I than those beggardly remnants of the Kirin Tor. If you will not serve my Master with your sword and knowledge of his enemies... Your moldering remains will serve ME as a testament to what happens when one is foolish enough to trespass in my domain!"

Notes Edit

Alliance players encounter Vincent with a yellow nameplate (but with a Horde PvP flag, laying on the floor. He will attack when damaged (non-damaging spells will not provoke him); at 1%, he runs away saying "Arrgh!", where he falls back onto the floor and becomes friendly. He remains a PvP flagged NPC, but is no longer Horde affiliated, and can be buffed or even healed back to full health by the Alliance group who attacked him. Ultimately, this serves no purpose, as he will continue to lay there doing nothing for the rest of the instance. However, he may sometimes stay at 1 hp flagged, and every hit causing him to say, "Arrgh!" as long as people attack him. Those who use rage can use him for rage generation, and through some skills mana users can replenish their mana supply from him.

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