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Deathstalker Report is provided by and an objective of Horde 15 [11] The Deathstalkers' Report


Deathstalker Mission Report

Agents: Rane Yorick, Quinn Yorick, Erland McKree

Primary mission: perform reconnaissance through northern Silverpine, and determine threat levels of wildlife and Scourge.

Agents comenced sweep, finding significant worg presence. Recommended hunting squads dispatched to reduce this threat.

Undead gnolls were found at the farm steading dubbed The Dead Field. Their purpose at the farm is not known, though their movements and level of readiness suggest imminent military action. In the time they were observed, no notable leaders were found among the gnolls. It is assumed they await the arrival of leadership or reinforcements.

Continuing the sweep, our agents were detained at Ivar's Farm. Ivar, most of his family and his workers had succumbed to the Scourge and become its minions.

Our agents were attacked and although successful in defeating their ambushers, they sustained serious injuries, particularly angent Quinn.

A defensive position was taken in Ivar's old house, and while Rane kept watch for future attacks, Erland continued the reconnaissance mission.

Erland was then pinned by Worgs in a northern orchard, only escaping with the aid of another Forsaken agent. that agent is the bearer of this report.

It should be noted here that this report bearer was instrumental in not only the success of our mission, but also in the defeat of Ivar the Foul, the rescue or Erland, and the deliverance of this report.

We extend our gratitude, and recommend that command acknowledges this individual with awards befitting such meritorious conduct as was displayed in the field.

-Deathstalker Rane Yorick,
Mission Leader

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