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HordeNPC 32Deathstalker Erland
Deathstalker Erland
Gender Male
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 11
Affiliation Undercity
Location Silverpine Forest
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Deathstalker Erland is a level 11 quest giver located at Malden's Orchard in the forsaken zone of Silverpine Forest.

He starts the quest Horde 15 [11] Escorting Erland.


Let's get to the others, and keep an eye open for those wolves outside...
Be careful, <Name>. Those wolves like to hide among the trees.
Beware! I am under attack!
Beware! A <Mob> is upon us!
A <Mob> attacks!
We're almost there!
We made it! Thanks. <Name>. I couldn't have gotten here without you.
Rane Yorick says: It's good to see you again, Erland. What is your report?
Deathstalker Erland says: Masses of wolves are to the east, and whoever lived at Malden's Orchard is gone.
If I am excused, then I'd like to check on Quinn...
Hello, Quinn. How are you faring?
Quinn Yorick says: [Gutterspeak] RUff goth aesire Noth ras Vrum wos ras aesire va lo
Deathstalker Erland says:Try to take better care of yourself, Quinn. You were lucky this time.

See List of Silverpine Forest NPCs.

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