Deathknight Vindicator can be found in Naxxramas.

Drops Edit

BattlemastergossipiconItem Level Source Slot Drop%
Inv misc wartornscrap cloth [Wartorn Cloth Scrap]60DropQuest22.0
Inv misc wartornscrap leather [Wartorn Leather Scrap]60DropQuest19.7
Inv misc wartornscrap chain [Wartorn Chain Scrap]60DropQuest13.6
Inv misc wartornscrap plate [Wartorn Plate Scrap]60DropQuest9.8
Inv jewelry ring 14 [Peridot Circle]56DropRings3.8
Inv belt 27 [Belt of the Grand Crusader]60DropWaist (Plate)1.5
Inv sword 06 [Holy War Sword]60DropOne-Handed Sword1.5
Inv pants 06 [Mercurial Legguards]58DropLegs (Mail)1.5
Inv bracer 07 [Master's Bracers]57DropWrist (Cloth)0.8
Inv scroll 02 [Word of Thawing]1DropOther0.8

0.76% Chance of a epic drop.
3.03% Chance of a rare drop.
3.03% Chance of an Uncommon drop.
0.76% Chance of a common drop.
0.00% Chance of a poor drop.

Note: % drop chance was correct at the time the page was generated/created.

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