Deathclasp is a level 59 elite named scorpid found in Silithus. Deathclasp is always guarded by two other scorpids. Noggle Ficklespragg lost a satchel in the area that Deathclasp patrols. Vish Kozus wants Deathclasp killed. She is not tameable by hunters.


The terrible Scorpid, Deathclasp, is believed to have retreated to the southern mountain ranges of Silithus in the presence of increased silithid activity. She presents a great threat to patrols and expeditions in the southern regions. She blocks the southern mountain ranges which the Cenarion Circle would like to use as a strategic path to circumvent the silithid hives.




At [42.3, 91.0], just south of Bronzebeard Encampment, a short ramp is leading up into the mountains. Deathclasp is patrolling the ramp together with two non-elite guards.

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