Deathchargers will serve only those who have no remorse. [1] (TCGSW 25)


Deathcharger TCG

Deathchargers are the mounts of death knights. Many are classified as undead, although some are demons and beasts.

Named deathchargersEdit

Deathcharger Master
Bloodmist Koltira Deathweaver
Bloodsunder Baelok
Dusk Thassarian
Fury Salanar the Horseman
Icefury Sapph
Invincible Arthas Menethil
Iydallus Darion Mograine
Plaguehoof Rokir



Baron Rivendare's deathcharger is named Deathcharger. Even if his mount is not a 'deathcharger' and just a 'skeletal horse', his mount may have been the inspiration for the name.

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