The Death Ravager is a level 10 purple Ravager spawned in Azuremyst Isle for the Draenei Defensive Stance Warrior quest, Strength of One.


Prior to patch 2.0.1 the Death Ravager was tamable by Hunters. However, the Death Ravager was glitched severely, preventing almost all interaction with other players. The Death Ravager could not be targeted by other players for any buffs, heals, or damage spells. Similarly, the Death Ravager could not be ordered to attack other players. Hunter abilities, such as Mend Pet still worked, as did purely PvE related commands.

Despite the glitches, the Death Ravager was highly sought after as the only tamable Ravager with its graphical skin. While there exist Ravagers with a similar texture, they are high level elites in Outland. Thus, they have the elite ravager model and are impossible for a low level to obtain.

The Death Ravager was made untamable in patch 2.0.1. However, hunters who already tamed him will retain possession of the pet so long as they do not abandon it.

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