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Death Knight Initiates are involved in the following quest:



Instructor Razuvious says: This one...
An Acherus Necromancer raises a Death Knight Initiate.

The Initiate can then say any one of these options to survive:

Death Knight Initiate says: "The voice... such splendor... Arthas... My king..." or "Reborn, I shall become an instrument of doom..." or "Dark energy courses through me... Such power! I hunger for more!"
Instructor Razuvious says: "The Lich King will be pleased with this initiate." or "Amidst the wretch, a champion has been found." or "CHAOS! DOOM! DESTRUCTION! This one will claim them all!"
Instructor Razuvious says: Place upon it the trappings befitting a herald of Arthas.
Acherus Necromancer says: Right away, instructor.
Instructor Razuvious says: Listen, death knight... Listen for the voice of your master. He calls to you now.
Instructor Razuvious says: Stand and be measured! Rise, for your master awaits your arrival. Go now!
Death Knight Initiate says: "Victory to the Scourge!" or "I live only to serve the Lich King!" or "As you command, instructor!"

On the other hand, to get re-killed:

Death Knight Initiate says: "Where am I? What is this place?" or "I hurt... suffering unbearable... end my pain... I beg of you!" or "I... I have awoken to a nightmare?"
Instructor Razuvious says: "Pathetic..." or "Useless..." or "Another failure..." or "This one has awoken too soon. It retains emotion and memory..."
Instructor Razuvious says: You have been measured and found wanting...
Instructor Razuvious says: Dispose of it...
Acherus Necromancer says: Yes, instructor.
Acherus Necromancer says: Rise, minions. Rise and feast upon the weak!
The necromancer summons three or four Acherus Ghouls, who make quick work of the Initiate.

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