For the Zul'Drak subzone, see The Dead Fields.
Dead Field

The Dead Field

The Dead Field [45, 24]
is the name of a decrepit and abandoned farm in northern Silverpine Forest. The nature and number of the farm's former inhabitants are unknown. Recently, the Dead Field has become a base for the Rot Hide gnolls, servants of the Scourge. It is unknown what the Scourge plans are for the farm, but the increasing number of gnolls suggests imminent military action.

A reconnaissance mission undertaken by the Deathstalkers passed through the field on their mission through northern Silverpine, noting the presence of the Scourge at the farm. Repeated small assaults by the Forsaken upon the Dead Field have been unsuccessful because of the arrival of a banshee known as Nightlash. The banshee appears when the Rot Hides under her command are attacked.


The first time you enter the Dead Field, while doing the quest Horde 15 [14] The Dead Fields, an Ravenclaw Apparition sent by Thule Ravenclaw will appear and outline his plans against the Forsaken.