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Dazar'alor is King Rastakhan's palace in Zuldazar. The Great Seal, in its interior chamber, serves as the Horde's embassy on Zandalar and includes some portals to each major city and expansions, profession trainers, bank and guild banks, transmogifier and a mission table.


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With the damage caused by the Cataclysm, Rastakhan's palace tilted to the side.[1] However it, like most of the rest of the city, was rebuilt.[2]

In Battle for Azeroth Edit

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Maps and subregionsEdit


Map of Dazar'alor and the rest of the city.

The Great Seal (The Golden Throne · Hall of Ancient Paths · Hall of Croniclers · The Royal Meat Rack · The Royal Treasury) · Port of Zandalar (Bay of Kings · Grand Bazaar (The Hozen Throne) · Little Tortolla · Tal'aman · Tal'farrak · Terrace of the Speakers · The Old Seawall · The Red Market · The Steamway) · Zanchul (Altar of Gonk · Council Chambers · Hall of the High Priests · Terrace of the Chosen (Barrow of Bwonsamdi · Chamber of Rezan · Hall of Shadra · Hall of the Lesser Loa · House of Pa'ku · House of the Lost Loa · Pavilion of Krag'wa · Terrace of Torcali) · The Zocalo (Atal'jani · Hot House · Lost Spirit Lounge · The Drunken Drummer))

Notable inhabitantsEdit

Main article: Dazar'alor NPCs

Travel connectionsEdit

Portal Room of Dazar'alor

Portal room of Dazar'alor.



Notes & triviaEdit

  • In the Battle for Azeroth beta, there was an Unknown Device in Dazar'alor that served as a portal to the Chamber of Heart. It dated back further than the Zandalari knew.[3][4] It was removed during beta.



This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • It is likely that Dazar'alor translates to "Dazar's temple", with Dazar referring to the first king of the Zandalari, and with the Zandali word "Alor" possibly meaning temple or altar.

Patch changesEdit


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