Datalore Smallsphere is a level 70 trade goods vendor located in the Grizzly Hills. [74, 34]

Quotes Edit

Datalore Smallsphere says: Oh boy Jones and I have had some adventures...
Datalore Smallsphere takes a deep breath and puffs out his chest.
Datalore Smallsphere says: Where Jones goes, I go. Where he steps, I step. But this time, he told me to stay back.
Datalore Smallsphere says: I hope Jones is okay.
Datalore Smallsphere looks around nervously.

Datalore Smallsphere says: If Jones listened to me, he'd live longer.
Kraz sighs.
Harkor sighs.

Datalore Smallsphere says: I hope Jones makes it back okay.
Datalore Smallsphere looks off into the distance, annoyed.

Datalore Smallsphere says: Jones still owes me money from our last card game. Can you believe he tried to cheat me! I'm may be little but he cheats very big.
Harkor sighs.

Datalore Smallsphere says: Oh boy... I can't believe I just remembered that...
Datalore Smallsphere can't hardly control his laughter. His story is constantly interrupted by his own laughter.
Datalore Smallsphere says: he dropped the potatoes, even though I told him to hold onto them.
Harkor sighs.

Trivia Edit

This character is a play on at least one, and likely three separate pop culture references:

  • The Goonies - The actor Jonathan Ke Quan, who played Short Round in the Indiana Jones movie also played Richard 'Data' Wang in The Goonies.

External links Edit

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