Darrowshire Poltergeist is a companion that spawns around every 3 minutes when inflicted with the Haunted Debuff. The troubled soul appears occasionally and talks to you, sometimes asking for you for your assistance, other times telling you of their demise at Darrowshire.


  • "The Light must prevail!"
  • "Captain Redpath! How could you forsake us?"
  • "End our suffering!"
  • "Oh, Darrowshire! I would give a thousand lives for you!"
  • "You must save him!"
  • "I was devoured by Horgus! I can still feel his teeth upon me!"
  • "Beware Marduk! Beware, or your strength will wither."

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Poltergeist denotes a demonic spirit or ghost that manifests itself by moving and influencing objects.

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