This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

This project has mostly been moved to Darnassian/speculation.

The Darnassian language Society is an attempt to complete the Darnassian Language. We have already translated and desciphered some phrases and words in order to get a more direct meaning. This will hopefully allow us to make a complete dictionary from all Darnassian words that exist for now; thus also giving us the room to provide the language with (a whole lot of) new words - so that it can be used as an ordinary language.

We will of course also work on grammar.

This is a fan-based language, not officially endorsed by Blizzard, and not in any way official or canon.

Translations Edit

Here follows the words and phrases - as seen in the official Darnassian page:

Word list Edit

These are the words we know of at the moment.

Darnassian English Used in:
Ana / Anu For
  • Ana'duna falore, iszera duna bantallas
  • Ana'duna thera
  • Anu'dora
  • Anu'dorini talah
  • Anu therador mali
Asha ?
  • Asha'falah
Bantallas Primitive
  • Ana'duna falore, iszera duna bantallas
Dalah My/mine??
  • Az'thero'dalah'dor
Delar Ancient Keepers
  • Lok'delar
  • Rhok'delar
Do Teacher
  • Shan'do
Dor/Dora Truth/is/our(s)
  • Andu falah dor
  • Anu'dora
  • Anu'dorini talah
  • Anu therador mali
  • Ashte rudanador
  • Enu thora'serador
  • Kalimdor
  • Thara dormil dorah
  • Thor falah nor dora
Dorei Borne/Borne of/Child
  • Kaldorei
  • Sin'dorei
  • Quel'dorei
Duna Truth/is/our(s)
  • Ana'duna falore, iszera duna bantallas
  • Ana'duna thera
Enshu (En'shu?) ?
  • Enshu'falah'nah
Falah ?
  • Andu falah dor
  • Thor falah nor dora
  • En'shu falah-nah
  • Asha'falah
Falore Sister
  • Ana'duna falore, iszera duna bantallas
Fanass Indeed
  • Ashte'rodne fanass
Ilisar Enemie(s)
  • Tor ilisar'thera'nal
  • Ashte'rodne fanass
Ishnu Luck
  • Ishnu'alah
  • Ishnu'dal'dieb
  • Shal myrinon ishnu daldorah
Izsera Green
  • Ana'duna falore, iszera duna bantallas
Kal Star
  • Kaldorei
  • Kalidar
  • Kalimdor
Kaldorei Starborne/Children of the stars
Lok Stave
  • Lok'delar
Mush'a Hunter
Nah ?
  • Enshu'falah'nah
Nal Feel/know
  • Tor ilisar'thera'nal
Nor Sky/heavens
  • Nordrassil
Nordrassil Crown of the sky
Quel Nobel
  • Quel'dorei
  • Quel’serrar
  • Quel'thalas
Rhok Longbow
  • Rhok'delar
Serrar Blade
  • Quel’serrar
Shan Honored
  • Shan'do
  • Thero'shan
Sin Blood
  • Sin'dorei
Talah Survival
  • Anu'dorini talah
Thalas Kingdom or homeland
  • Eldre'thalas
  • Quel'thalas
Thera Revenge/war/...
  • Ana'duna thera
  • Anu therador mali
  • Tor ilisar'thera'nal
Thero ?
  • Ash-thero-sauguine! ba'anthalso-dorei!
  • Az'thero'dalah'dor
  • Thero’shan
Tor Let
  • Tor ilisar'thera'nal
Xaxas Elemental fury, chaos, catastrophe, also a name for Neltharion.
Zaram Blade
Zin Glory
  • Zin’Azshari

Phrases Edit

DarnassianEnglishDirect meaning
Ande'thoras'ethilMay your troubles be diminished(?)(?)(?)
War cries
Ana'duna theraRevenge will be oursFor our revenge
Andu'falah'dor!Let balance be restored!(?)(?) for
Anu'dorini talahFor nature's survivalFor nature's survival
Bandu Thoribas!Prepare to fight!fight prepare
Endu'di RifaA war cry (Kill the defilers?)(?)(?)
Thor falah nor doraA war cry (said by druids)(?)(?) Sky/heavens truth/is/our
Tor ilisar'thera'nal!Let our enemies beware!Let enemies revenge feel
Alah darnana dorFormal Greeting(?)(?) truth/is
Ishnu'alahGood fortune to you (typically used by males)Luck you
Ishnu'dal'diebGood fortune to your family (typically used by females)Luck your family
Anu'doraYes/It's trueFor truth
Az'thero'dalah'dor?(?)(honor?) my/mine for
Anu therador mali?for (bad?)truth (?)
Ashra thoraman?What is it?(?)(?)
Fandu'dath'belore?Who goes there?(?)(?) light/sun
Other phrases
Ana'duna falore, iszera duna bantallasYes sister, the green(skins) are primitiveFor truth sister, (the) green(s) are primitive
Ana'tole na DureI will do it for nature (Druid's pledge of agreement)for (?)(?)(?)
Ash Karath!Do it!(?)(?)
Ashta'rodneVery uglyVery ugly
Ashta'rodne fanassYes, very ugly Very ugly indeed
Ash'thero'sauguine! Ba'anthalso'dorei!Unknown (Are ba'anthalso-dorei naga? Sea-borne or something?)(?)(honor?)(?)! (?)(?)(?)
Elune'AdoreElune be with youElune watch(es)
Enu thora'seradorUnknown(?)(?)(?)
Enu thora'serador thora dormil doraUnknown(?)(?)(?)(?)(?)(for)
Lok'delarStave of the ancient keepersStave Ancient keepers
Quel'doreiHighborneHigh borne
Quel'thalasThe high kingdomHigh kingdom
Quel'serrarThe high bladeHigh Blade
Rhok'delarLongbow of the ancient keepersBow Ancient keepers
Sael'ahYou're welcome(?)(?)
Shal myrinon ishnu dal'doraUnknown(?)(?) luck (my/mine?) is/truth/our(s)
Shan'do(Honored) teacher(?)(?)
Thera dormil doraUnknown(?)(?) is/truth/our(s)
Thero'shan(Honored) student(?)(?)
Zin’AzshariGlory of AzsharaGlory Azshara's

And for comparison, here follows the Thalassian list, as seen in the Thalassian Sandbox - taken from Warcraft Encyclopedia (US) or Warcraft Encyclopedia (EU).

Thalassian Word list Edit

These are the official words in the Thalassian tongue.

Thalassian Translation Usage and Context
Al diel shala. Safe travels. A farewell.
Anar'alah belore. By the light of the sun. Used as either a battle cry or a vow.
Anaria shola. Speak your business. A greeting often used in a businesslike context.
Anu belore dela'na. The sun guides us. A greeting exchanged only with blood elves or high elves. Note that greeting a night elf with this phrase would not be particularly wise.
Bal'a dash, malanore. Greetings, traveler. A greeting.
Bash'a no falor talah! Taste the chill of true death! Not a widespread expression or battle cry. It seems reasonably clear, however, that the speaker is directing this threat against a group of undead.
Doral ana'diel? How fare you? A greeting.
medivh keeper of secrets When used as a proper noun, Medivh refers to the last Guardian of Tirisfal.
Selama ashal'anore. Justice for our people. Used as either a vow or a farewell.
Shindu fallah na! They're breaking through! No meaning beyond the obvious: a warning that the enemy has breached the defenses.
Shorel'aran. Farewell. A farewell.
sin'dorei children of the blood Can also be interpreted as "people of the bloodline". Typically used to refer to blood elves.
Sinu a'manore. Well met. A greeting.
sunstrider he who walks the day When used as a proper noun, Sunstrider is the family name of the high elves' royal bloodline, the last scion of which is Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider.

Grammar rules Edit

Yet to come...

Related Languages Edit

Both the Naga, High Elves, and the Blood Elves speak languages derived from Darnassian. The Naga, once night elves themselves, now twisted by the terrible powers of the Old Gods, speak their Nazja, which is as corrupted as the creatures who speak it. The language of the High elves, who were exiled from Kalimdor, changed into what is now known as Thalassian. This also appears to be the language of the Blood Elves, though it was earlier known as Sindassi.

Darnassian, Thalassian, and Najza seem to have many common phrases, as is evidenced by Prince Kael'Thas' use of "Ishnu'alah", Lady Vashj's "Ishnu'dal'dieb", as well as the names of the different elf subtypes, the Kaldorei, Quel'dorei, and Sin'dorei. The high elves have very long life spans compared to humans, so Thalassian might be so similar to Darnassian that it would be more correct to call it a dialect, rather than a separate language.

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