Darmuk is a named Plague Eruptor supervising the Scourge blight supply in Zul'Drak for Overlord Drakuru. Despite Drakuru wrongfully ordering his death, in the end, Darmuk still only thinks of his master, claiming that your death will please Drakuru. He appears to be even smarter than Overlord Drakuru, as he sees through your disguise where the Overlord does not.

Objective ofEdit

  • Darmuk must be killed for Neutral 15 [76] Zero Tolerance under orders of Drakuru. Drakuru wants him executed because he thinks he has failed to properly care for the Blight he is using as a chemical weapon. In reality, it is you, the player (acting as a double-agent and undermining Drakuru's operations) that ruined the Blight batch.


  • Darmuk's Vigilance- Increases the caster's dodge chance by 75% for 6 sec.


  • Your disguise doesn't fool me, fleshling! Your defeat will please Drakuru!

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