Darkscreecher Akkarai is one of four descendants of Terokk's ancient enemies who are being held prisoner by the Skettis talonpriests. You learn of their existence from a tome named Adversarial Bloodlines. Originally, you were asked to retrieve Akkarai's Talons if you intended to summon and defeat Terokk.

Open a skull pile at one of the red summoning portals in Skettis. If you have 10 Time-Lost Scrolls, you will be presented with a list of names. Select "Darkscreecher Akkarai". The scrolls will be expended and Akkarai will appear in a flash of lightning.

Attacks and abilitiesEdit

  • Basic Melee: Stub Minimum Damage - Maximum Damage. (do not forget to add the substracted amount from armor)
  • Frost Bolt: ~1K frost damage, resistible.
  • Flock Call: Summons 6 Akkarai Hatchlings in two groups. They have about 400 HP - one Arcane Explosion kills them all. Happens about every ten seconds.
  • Curse of Mending: Removable curse applied to tank. "Chance to heal target on hit."
  • Blink: Teleports a short distance away. Happens about every half a minute.


  • Darkscreecher Akkarai says: Hear the voices below the earth! They call for your blood!
Flock Call
  • Darkscreecher Akkarai yells: Consume <name>, my children!


Darkscreecher Akkarai
Inv gauntlets 03
Spell nature natureswrath2020

Shared with other Adversarial Bloodlines
Inv bracer 07
Inv belt 22
Inv bracer 07
Inv belt 23
Inv belt 22
Inv bracer 07
Inv bracer 14
Inv belt 33
Inv jewelry ring 16


Objective: Defeat Akkarai and 3 other summoned mobs in Skettis to obtain their quest items.

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