Darkfang Creeper can be found in Dustwallow Marsh. Darkfang Creeper can be tamed by hunters.

Drops Edit

BattlemastergossipiconItem Level Drop%
Inv misc food 51 [White Spider Meat]40421%
Spell nature web [Thick Spider's Silk]3571%
Inv misc slime 01 [Acidic Venom Sac]170%
Spell nature web [Shadow Silk]4062%
Inv misc bone 08 [Large Fang]3056%
Inv misc herb 08 [Khadgar's Whisker]372%
Inv misc gem opal 02 [Citrine]401%
Inv misc herb 12 [Fadeleaf]321%
Inv misc ornatebox [Strong Iron Lockbox]351%
Inv misc root 02 [Liferoot]301%

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