Darkfallen Deathblade

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CombatMob 32Darkfallen Deathblade
Darkfallen Deathblade
Title <The San'layn>
Gender Male
Race(s) Darkfallen, Undead elf
Level 72
Health 9,610
Mana 3,309
Location Temple City of En'kilah, Borean Tundra
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Darkfallen Deathblade wanders around the Temple City of En'kilah in the Borean Tundra. They are members of The San'layn.


  • Death Coil (Inflicts 80 Shadow damage. The caster gains 100% of the damage caused in health.)
  • Icy Touch (Deals 662 to 738 Frost damage and reduces the target's ranged, melee attack, and casting speed by 15% for 8 sec.)

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