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Full Dark Iron Set

Human male in the Dark Iron armor set

Item Min Lvl BoP BoE Zone Dropped By
[Dark Iron Shoulders] 53 X Blackrock Depths crafted
[Dark Iron Plate] 54 X Blackrock Depths crafted
[Dark Iron Bracers] 54 X Blackrock Depths crafted
[Dark Iron Leggings] 55 X Blackrock Depths crafted
[Dark Iron Helm] 60 X Blackrock Depths crafted
[Dark Iron Gauntlets] 60 X Blackrock Depths crafted
[Dark Iron Boots] 60 X Blackrock Depths crafted
Dark Iron Totals
Armor Stats Resistance Other Effects
4420 Agi: 12
Int: 0
Spi: 0
Sta: 79
Str: 0
Arcane: 0
Fire: 168
Frost: 0
Shadow: 0
Nature: 0

Dark Iron Armor is not an actual set and does not provide any set bonuses. The Dark Iron Boots also have a random enchantment on them, which is not listed in the set total above. Dark Iron Armor is crafted and the plans can be bought in Blackrock Depths. Various plans can be bought with different levels of reputation with the Thorium Brotherhood. You could potentially include the Dark Iron Ring and Heavy Dark Iron Ring although neither of those are crafted. The Dark Iron gear is target towards tanks in Molten Core who need to supplement the stamina, fire resistance, or armor in order to survive the mobs and bosses in Molten Core.

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