Inv shoulder 09
Full Dark Iron Set

Human male in the full Dark Iron Armor set

[Dark Iron Shoulders] are plate shoulders that give a bonus to strength, stamina and dodge, as of patch 4.03. In the past, they provided a bonus to stamina and fire resistance.

Source Edit

[Dark Iron Shoulders] are crafted by Blacksmiths with a skill level of 280. This item can only be crafted at the Black Anvil.

The components are:

[Plans: Dark Iron Shoulders] are found on the floor in Blackrock Depths. To pick up the plans, you must have a Blacksmithing level of 285. If anyone else tries to pick up the plans, they will get nothing and the plans will be destroyed. The plans can only be used once per instance so if you have multiple blacksmiths, they will have to decide who gets them.

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