Dark Iron Brewer is a Dark Iron dwarf who is making beer in the Grim Guzzler.


The whole drinking conversation in which he ultimately drops his Mug of Dire Brew.

  • Don't bother me, <class>! I have two whole cauldrons of bubbling brew here and I must ensure they taste just right!
  • If they don't, then Master Coren Direbrew will flay and boil me!
  • I wouldn't do this on any other day, but… I'm thirsty and I hate drinking alone.
  • Bottoms up!
  • This is good stuff! But it's a little weak. I think I'll add a more garlic breath to it…
  • Not bad, not bad… But it's missing spice! How about adding scorpid venom? Yes! That'll fix it right up!
  • It's shaping up! But it needs more kick. Yep, you guessed it… Let's wash yesterday's socks in the cauldron… Mmmh, delicious!
  • This is good stuff! But I think it's a little flat. Let's round it out with a few squishy gnome eyeballs…
  • This is getting good! It really warms the stomach! And <name>, I have to say, you're a sharp dressing <lad/lass!>
  • Now where was I? I yeah… So I said to her, "But I need you! I need you!"… and she just laughed and slithered away! It's the honest truth, <name>. Naga can be so cruel!
  • Yes <ma'am/sir> , this is quite a drink! Quite a drink indeed!
  • Oh… I'm feeling groggy…

Notes Edit

  • If you repeatedly talk to him he will drop his Mug of Dire Brew on the floor after telling you about about his naga lover — who by the way seems not to like him back. After drinking and talking with him, you are very drunk indeed. If you pick up his mug from the floor you can get the item Dire Brew, which turns you into a Dark Iron Dwarf upon drinking.
  • He also mentions Coren Direbrew, infamous leader of the Dark Iron Guzzlers who attack Brewfest when first spoken to.

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