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Average Drop Rates
Item [Barrel of Fish] [Crate of Meat]
[Recipe: Spicy Hot Talbuk] 18.1%
[Recipe: Broiled Bloodfin] 14.8%
[Recipe: Skullfish Soup] 13.9%
[Recipe: Kibler's Bits] 5.2% 7.4%
[Recipe: Stormchops] 3.5% 3.4%
[Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake] 2.3% 2.8%
[Recipe: Captain Rumsey's Lager]

Note that since the recipes never drop twice, over time the recorded rates will continue to lower as player's repeat the quests even after getting the recipes. The rates shown (weighted Wowhead & Thottbot averages from 2007-12-03) will be more accurate for players just starting the quests.

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