Daggerspine Sorceresses are level 39 - 40 naga found in the sea south of Arathi Highlands [21.9, 86.1]


Chain Lightning (Nature) - Hurls a lightning bolt at the enemy, dealing 191 to 217 Nature damage and then jumping to additional nearby enemies. Each jump reduces the damage by 30%. Affects 3 total targets.

Lightning Bolt (Nature) - Blasts an enemy with lightning, inflicting Nature damage.

Lightning Shield (Nature) - The caster is surrounded by 3 balls of lightning. When a spell, melee or ranged attack hits the caster, the attacker will be struck for 114 Nature damage. This expends one lightning ball. Only one ball will fire every few seconds. Lasts 10 min.


They are the objective of Neutral 15 [40] Drowned Sorrows

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