The Daggerfen tribe is one of three Lost One tribes in Zangarmarsh. They are lead by Chieftain Mummaki[1][2] and are highly specialized in assassination.[3]


The Daggerfen make potent poison of the herb ragveil, Timothy Daniels is investigating the poison.[3]

The tribe send brutal attacks against Zabra'jin[1] and Orebor Harborage,[2] they have killed numerous scouts and messengers of the Horde,[1] Kurenai, and draenei.[2] For that reason the Horde and Alliance advise to avoid the Daggerfen Village.[1][2] They seek control over the other Lost Ones of Zanarmarsh, and plan to control the roads.[4] The uncorrupted draenei and the Kurenai are trying to redeem all the Lost Ones but the daggerfen have gone to far, they dabble in poisons and deceit and are beyond redemption by anyone's standards.[5]

Shadow Hunter Denjai put a wanted posters of their leader Chieftain Mummaki, however, if nobody go to hunt him down he will go personally.[1] Also Ikuti put a wanted poster, many Alliance people went to claim the bounty but none has returned.[2]

Witch Doctor Tor'gash brought murlocs to Outland and is looking for someone who send the Baby Murlocs to the Daggerfen tribe. However, the Daggerfen fear the murlocs.[6]


The Daggerfen are a highly organized tribe, and of the three tribes of Lost Ones in Zangarmarsh, they are the most cunning and most aggressive.[4] They are a foul and degenerate tribe, continually making brutal attacks against the Horde and Alliance. They act like a band of assassins,[1][2] and use arts that come unnaturally to the draenei.[5] The only way they understand something is with swift and brutal actions.[4] Also, they may be good leatherworkers as leather clothes bearing their tribe's name can be found throughout the area.[7]


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