Every Loot system needs to assign a Price for a looted item.

Fixed Prices Edit

Fixed Pricing will always assign the same Price for an item.

Blizzards Item Level Edit

Blizzard has an internal formula to assign abilities to items, based on the Quality and item level. A basic formula to calculate an item's value can be:

    Blue      = (itemLevel - 1.84) / 1.6
    Epic      = (itemLevel - 1.3) / 1.3
    Legendary = itemLevel

ItemLevelDKP Edit

Apart from the calculation mentioned above this addon does modify the costs based on the item slot. See the ItemLevelDKP homepage for an in depth explaination.

HoB_DKP v2.8.5 Edit

HoB_DKP v2.8.5 calculates the Item's Value based on the Item Stats and item's slot. It was developed for Loot distribution Pre-TBC. The current version (01/2008) cannot assign a DKP Price for Romulo's Poison Vial.

Problems with Pricing token Rewards Edit

Token rewards (e.g. Inv gauntlets 27 [Gloves of the Fallen Defender]) do not contain an Item Level, thus a Price cannot be calculated. As a workaround a price has to be assigned on the awarded item (here for example Inv gauntlets 17 [Handwraps of the Incarnate]).