Cyclone Regalia is the Tier 4 set for Elemental Shamans.

Icon-shortcutSee also: Cyclone Harness for the Enhancement version of this set, or Cyclone Raiment for the Restoration version. 


The Cyclone Regalia items are sold by Asuur (Aldor) or Arodis Sunblade (Scryer) in Shattrath City. They are "purchased" with token loot items.

Tokens of the Fallen Champion
Slot Token Dropped by Found in
Chest 1 Inv chest chain 03 Magtheridon Magtheridon's Lair
Head 1 Inv helmet 24 Prince Malchezaar Karazhan
Hands 1 Inv gauntlets 27 The Curator Karazhan
Legs 1 Inv pants plate 17 Gruul the Dragonkiller Gruul's Lair
Shoulders 1 Inv shoulder 22 High King Maulgar Gruul's Lair


T4 shaman morc
T4 shaman fdraenei


Cyclone Regalia
Inv gauntlets 25
Inv pants mail 15
Inv shoulder 14
Inv helmet 15
Inv chest chain 15


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