The Customer Support window (Micro Menu button shows "Help Request" for tooltip) is the place to go for help with in-game problems when other players don't have a good answer. It includes access to a support knowledge database of Q&As, some ways to get unstuck (mostly by hearthing), and multiple ways to report various problems.

Customer Support-Knowledge Base Customer Support-Account Security Customer Support-Character Stuck! Customer Support-Report Lag Customer Support-Report Abuse Customer Support-Open a Ticket

In Patch 5.3 Edit

Starting with Patch 5.3, players will be able to access the support knowledge base in the game.[1]

Patch 5 3 PTR build16924 Customer Support window

In Patch 4.3.4 Edit

In Patch 4.3.4, the UI will be updated to implement brand new interfaces to report harassment, naming violations, and potential cheating.[2]

Customer Support window Patch 4 3 4

Reporting a player in-game Edit

Reporting a Player Patch 4 3 4

If you encounter a player using an offensive name or foul language, violating our chat policies, or cheating, you can quickly right-click on their name in chat, and select Report Player For. If you have the character targeted, you can right-click their portrait and select Report Player.

Report a bug in-game Edit

Submit Bug Patch 4 3 4

If you have stumbled upon a bug, you can report it to the World of Warcraft Development & Quality Assurance teams, directly through the Customer Support window. In the Customer Support interface, click Submit Bug and fill out the requested information.

Note: If a bug has seriously affected your character in a way that requires Game Master intervention (lost items, reputation, raid progress, etc.), Open a Ticket so we may investigate the situation.

Give a suggestion in-game Edit

Submit Suggestion Patch 4 3 4

If you wish to provide feedback to the World of Warcraft team, you may do so directly through the Customer Support window. In the Customer Support interface, click Submit Suggestion and fill out the requested information. Be sure to be as specific and constructive as possible.

Note: By submitting a suggestion, you confirm that the suggestion is your own idea, the idea is not confidential, and you permit Blizzard Entertainment to use the idea publicly with no obligation to compensate you.

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