Crystalcore Devastator

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CombatMobElite 32Crystalcore Devastator
Crystalcore devastator
Race Arcane guardian (Mechanical)
Level 72 Elite
Health 520,000
Wealth 1Gold
Location The Eye
See Icon-3D-48x48

Crystalcore Devastators can be found in Tempest Keep and The Eye.


  • Melee Knockback (melee classes never stand between Devastator and adds groups). For this tanks also stand with their back to the wall.
  • Has a special Counter-charge ability
    • Counters melee attacks for 2000 arcane damage
    • Can counter ranged attacks with a silence + 4500 damage
    • Fades for a 1500 damage melee range AoE
    • Can be spell reflected by a tank for upwards of ~13,000 damage.


  • Immune to all Crowd Controls.
  • Immune to all Stun effects.

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