Eastern Crystal Pylon

The Eastern Crystal Pylon

Crystal Pylons are ancient constructions in Un'Goro Crater which can be used to exchange Inv misc gem sapphire 03 [Blue Power Crystal]s, Inv misc gem emerald 02 [Green Power Crystal]s, Inv misc gem ruby 03 [Red Power Crystal]s and Inv misc gem topaz 02 [Yellow Power Crystal]s for useful consumables.

Prerequisites Edit

In order to make the pylons generally available, the quests Neutral 15 [53] Crystals of Powerω τ ϖ and Neutral 15 [53] Making Sense of Itω τ ϖ must be completed. The latter grants you with Inv misc book 08 [Crystal Pylon User's Manual], which details what crystal recipes are available and from which pylon.

Recipes Edit

Each recipe creates 6 consumables and requires 10 units of each of two different colors of Power Crystals as follows:

Northern Crystal Pylon Edit

Eastern Crystal Pylon Edit

Western Crystal Pylon Edit


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