Inv shield 41
  • Crygil's Discarded Plate Panel
  • Binds when picked up
  • Shield
  • Off Hand
  • 7530 Armor
  • 211 Block
  • +38 Strength
    +75 Stamina
  • Durability 120 / 120
  • Requires level 80
  • Equip: Increases defense rating by 34.
    Equip: Increases your dodge rating by 33.
    Equip: Improves hit rating by 25.
  • Icon-3D-48x48
  • Sell Price: 13Gold 15Silver 57Copper

Source Edit

Most likely a reference to Blizzard CM Crygil who's forum avatar is of a Fel reaver leading to the name of plate panel. This item is bought with 35 Emblems of Heroism from the emblem quartermasters in Dalaran as well as the shield merchant.

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