Cross-language battlegroups is a new feature that combines battlegroups from different languages into one, expanding the pool of players keen for PvP action in both Arenas and Battlegrounds. Players from realms of different languages will only ever face each other as opponents in battle and will not be playing on the same faction in Battlegrounds, ensuring that those playing on your side will speak the same language as you.

Not all Battlegroups will be joined into Cross-Language Battlegroups, and this feature will not be affecting the Russian language Battlegroups.

The first cross-language battlegroups are Cruelty/Crueldad and Embuscade/Hinterhalt, implemented on May 27, 2009.

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FAQ Edit

From 0. Cross-Language Battlegroups FAQ | 2009-05-26 09:58 by Blizz Wryxian:

Q: How is a Cross-Language Battlegroup different from a Cross-Realm Battlegroup?
A: Cross-Language Battlegroups expand the Battlegroups feature allowing you to face players from realms of other languages. Until now, you would only face players from other English realms.
Q: How will the Cross-Language Battlegroups affect the current Arena ladders?
A: The Battlegroups being merged will have their ladders merged as well. Each team will enter the merged ladder with their current ratings.
Q: Does this mean I am going to find players from different language realms on my side?
A: No, each faction will be comprised of players from realms of the same language as yours. You might participate in a Battleground where the Alliance is formed by players from English realms and the Horde is formed by players from realms of another language, or the other way around. You will not find players from different language realms on the same side in the Battlegrounds.
Q: How does this improve over the current system?
A: The addition of more realms to the same Battlegroup means a bigger amount of players are ready to participate, ensuring swifter entry into glorious battle.

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