Crildor is a level 55 elite night elf located in Darnassus. He can be found walking slowly between the Cenarion Enclave and the Temple Gardens in Darnassus, occasionally sitting down near a lake for a while. He offers no quests or services.

Notes Edit

  • Crildor dual-wields fist weapons in the shape of a claw.
  • Crildor, or Mitchel, was a Dutch Warcraft fansite moderator who died in a car crash prior to the release of WoW.[citation needed]
    • An anonymous user said they can confirm that Crildor was a Dutch fansite moderator. Crildor was the nickname of their brother in computer games and he also had a website with that name. Their brother died in a car accident on December 10 in 2003.[citation needed] They thought it was nice to see that World of Warcraft has honoured their brother with his own character.

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