Crewman Sparkfly is a member of the Thundercaller, the zeppelin that runs between Orgrimmar and Brill. He's rather tired of repairing the same thing over and over again due to the amount of times they hit mountains, but he enjoys watching Quickfix fall over board time and time again.

The three crewman on this airship seem to share dialog, often you'll get the same message from all of them. Such as:

  • Being impressed that pine tree branches don't seem to damage the their ship much, but it doesn't excuse the three times they've crashed into some forest.
  • Thinking it would be rather hard to crash a zeppelin into the ocean, and even harder to do it four separate times!
  • Thought they would never see Teldrassil...and certainly never thought they'd crash into Teldrassil.
  • Not knowing how they managed to snake through Thousand Needles, only to crash and burn in the Shimmering Flats!
  • Guessing those mountains came out of nowhere... all five times!
  • Wishes they could say they've avoided crash landing into lakes. Wishes they could say they've only crashed into a lake once...but they've managed to crash into four separate lakes, including Lordamere Lake!
  • That the airship has squeezed through Thunderbluff twice now!

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