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This suite of templates are based on the formatting of the following Templates:


Parts of the Template details on this page were also taken from the above Template pages.


These templates are intended to be used to create a list of crafters for a server or guild page.

The Templates were created initially for tracking Rare Crafting recipes for the Area 52 US server hence, the Crafter*52 naming convention.

The Crafter52 template suite uses templates to cover various methods of displaying items and linking to items using WoW Wiki, Wowhead and Allakhazam. Wowhead and Allakhazam were chosen as they use the official IDs of objects from the game which saves time in looking up the correct IDs to link to and simplifies the template.

Quick StartEdit

The format for use of each of the base Crafter52 Templates is shown in the example below. This may be all you need to be able to get started in using the templates. However more in-depth examples can be found in subsequent sections.

{{CrafterGem52|<Gem Name>|<Slot>|<Item ID>|<Alliance Crafters>|<Horde Crafters>}}
{{CrafterChant52|<Item Class>|<Enchant Name>|<Item ID>|<Alliance Crafters>|<Horde Crafters>}}
{{CrafterItem52|<Item Name>|<Item Quality>|<Item ID>|<Alliance Crafters>|<Horde Crafters>}}
{{CrafterList52|<Item Name>|<Item ID>|<Alliance Crafters>|<Horde Crafters>}}
{{CrafterSet52|<Set Name>|<Set Quality>|<Set ID>|<Alliance Crafters>|<Horde Crafters>}}
{{CrafterSpell52|<Spell/Effect Name>|<Spell ID>|<Alliance Crafters>|<Horde Crafters>}}


This template adds the table header to the Crafting tables. This is required whenever a new table is begun.


Item Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde

Basic ItemsEdit

The CrafterList52 & CrafterSpell52 Templates are for displaying basic items and spell effects. The use of both is pretty uncomplicated. Their only difference is in how their links are formed in order to correctly link to WoW Head and Allakhazam.


{{CrafterList52|Bloodmoon|28436|Alliance Crafters|Horde Crafters}}
{{CrafterSpell52|Primal Might|29688|Alliance Crafters|Horde Crafters}}


Item Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde

[Haste Potion] Alliance Crafters Horde Crafters
[Primal Might] Alliance Crafters Horde Crafters

Quality Based ItemsEdit

CrafterItem52 is for displaying links to items where the Quality of the item can be relevant. It has an extra variable to define and show the quality (Artifact, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, Common, Poor) of an item. CrafterSet52 links are directed to the Item Set databases on the linked sites but otherwise operates identically.


{{CrafterItem52|Dark Iron Helm|Epic|19148|Alliance Crafters|Horde Crafters}}
{{CrafterItem52|Darkrune Helm|Rare|20551|Alliance Crafters|Horde Crafters}}
{{CrafterSet52|Faith in Felsteel|Rare|569|Alliance Crafters|Horde Crafters}}


Item Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde

[Dark Iron Helm] Alliance Crafters Horde Crafters
[Darkrune Helm] Alliance Crafters Horde Crafters
Faith in Felsteel (wh a) Alliance Crafters Horde Crafters


CrafterGem52 is for displaying Gems created by Jewelcrafting. It has a variable to display the color of the slot it is intended for. Note: Meta gems are represented by the color White.


{{CrafterGem52|Enduring Talasite|Green|24062|Alliance Crafters|Horde Crafters}}
{{CrafterGem52|Enigmatic Skyfire Diamond|Meta|=25895|Alliance Crafters|Horde Crafters}}
{{CrafterGem52|Flashing Living Ruby|Red|24036|Alliance Crafters|Horde Crafters}}


Item Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde
Enduring Talasite Alliance Crafters Horde Crafters
Enigmatic Skyfire Diamond Alliance Crafters Horde Crafters
Flashing Living Ruby Alliance Crafters Horde Crafters

Alt TemplatesEdit

Each of the templates also have Alternating versions available for use. These templates have slightly different color settings for the backgrounds and can be used as seen fit.


{{CrafterList52alt|Elixir of Major Shadow Power|22835|Alliance Crafters|Horde Crafters}}
{{CrafterList52|Elixir of the Searching Eye|22830|Alliance Crafters|Horde Crafters}}
{{CrafterList52alt|Flask of Distilled Wisdom|13511|Alliance Crafters|Horde Crafters}}
{{CrafterList52|Flask of Fortification|22851|Alliance Crafters|Horde Crafters}}
{{CrafterList52alt|Flask of Mighty Restoration|22853|Alliance Crafters|Horde Crafters}}
{{CrafterList52|Flask of Petrification|13506|Alliance Crafters|Horde Crafters}}


Item Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde
Elixir of Major Shadow Power (wh a) Alliance Crafters Horde Crafters

[Elixir of the Searching Eye] Alliance Crafters Horde Crafters
Flask of Distilled Wisdom (wh a) Alliance Crafters Horde Crafters

[Flask of Fortification] Alliance Crafters Horde Crafters
Flask of Mighty Restoration (wh a) Alliance Crafters Horde Crafters

[Flask of Petrification] Alliance Crafters Horde Crafters

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