This page is only for historical purposes.


  • Fixed bug where certain folder names would cause a crash in the nopatch system
  • Removed revision number and change log as they were not accurate for Cosmos Version


  • Updated thottbot uploading for Burning Crusade change.


  • Added confirmation dialog for uninstall.
  • Fixed a UE with uninstalling.
  • Fixed a bug with uncheck all that would still allow everything to install.


  • Fixed the updating of the file list prefs so that removed addons from the list are now removed as well thus causing the cleaning code to pick them up and remove them.
  • Fixed autorun it should now be working in all configurations.


  • Fixed double click exception in AddOn Manager.
  • Fixed Complete check option being ignored when clicking the patch button.
  • Fixed unhandled exception when clicking restore defaults.
  • Changed appearance of items in the AddOn Manager window. Items that are bold can be clicked on and changed such as disabling, protecting etc.


  • Fixed a problem with check boxes not being updated correctly when they were hiding.
  • Fixed it so that all code using Progress text now use the nth item update.
  • Made the nth item disable when hide progress text is enabled.


  • Fixed the bug with the nth update not working. The global value was not being updated.
  • Fixed the bug where parent items in the install window didn't have their install box set if any of their children did.
  • Fixed a problem where items that were hidden in the install window didn't update their install or never update when the parents was clicked.
  • Added new option to change behavior of parent install button in relation to a never update item. You can now tell it to check or leave the never update item alone.


  • Fixed the code so that the Hide Progress text option now works again.
  • Fixed a nil object bug.


  • Fixed unhandled exeptions when clicking check all/ uncheck all. The buttons were converting the cell tag to the wrong type.
  • Fixed a bug where files that should be installed were not being installed because they were not flagged.
  • Fixed the Addon Install box so that it will be checked if any file in it is marked for install. If it's changed but all files are NU then it won't have the check mark but show as being changed. The user can go from there.


  • Fixed a bug where the nopatch file was getting cleared when using the install window.
  • Fixed the bug where the Addon install check was being set even if no files were to be installed such as changed set at never update.
  • Fixed a problem where the above bug would cause a never updated file that was not checked to be installed anyways.
  • Fixed a bug where AllInOnInventory would cause an exception because the AllInOneInventoryKhaos toc overwrote AIOI's. The exception would manifest when you disabled dependent addons. Do Addons in Addons even work?


  • Fixed thottbot uploading after autopatch.
  • Fixed thottbot uploading where it wasn't uploading data.
  • Fixed the never update being ignored when using consolidated file.
  • Fixed problem with files being continually increased when you patched multiple times.


  • Fixed Thottbot uploading. Was skipping the check for Thottbot.lua.
  • Fixed Empty distributions when starting up. Added the code to fetch them back in, it was removed for the startup wizard to handle it which won't be till 4.0
  • Changed patch process to not waste bandwidth. The patch process will now only download changed toc files ahead of time. Once you've chosen the files to install the patcher will then only fetch those files and install them.
  • Fixed Autorun so it now works.
  • Fixed nopatch check for when not using separate nopatch files.
  • Added support for a file named 'nopatch' in the directory to protect that directory.
  • Adjusted the locate wow folder to detect if you choose the interface folder or one below that and adjust the path back up to the root world of warcraft folder.
  • Fixed some bugs with the Conversion of the unified nopatch file. Adjusted it to store the nopatch file for a directory inside of the directory. The protection check has also been updated to check inside of a folder for a file named 'nopatch' as well.


  • Fixed bug with auto patch
  • Fixed bug with auto run
  • FIxed Exception for IsCosmosAddon
  • Fixed multiple directories in the install window
  • Fixed cleaning bug
  • Updated the upload data to look for the new data locations in SavedVariables folder.
  • Added Addon colorizing of addons to red for addons that are missing a required addon.
  • Added Italic text to addon with notation for which folder is being defaulted to for Addons that exist in both AddOns and DisabledAdddons
  • Added dialog asking which to remove when the above occurs
  • Added Chain dependency disable dialog that will disable any addons that require an addon being disabled.
  • Added the ability to click the cell of protect and disable in addon manager to toggle value for addon.
  • Added button to run the test server enabled if WoWTest is in the wow folder.
  • Added option to use the test server when auto running.


  • Enabled logging class and added logging of exception since I discovered the exception contained really useful info. Now you can post that log file for exceptions.


  • Fixed Setup Window from coming up.
  • Changed the name of a number of options
  • Set Default and cancel buttons for windows that didn't have them set.
  • Fixed extra spacing for some addon names in TOC viewer.
  • Fixed version show in TOC to properly parse the interface version.
  • Fixed bug with clicking uncheck all twice in a row.


  • Added option to disable auto update of the patcher
  • Added option to skip the missing file check
  • Fixed the flashing controls on windows
  • Recoded the data downloading class
  • Recoded button setting on the main window
  • Added a better check for Cosmos being installed that checks for Addons
  • Split the Cosmos Options into to two tabs.
  • Added option to surpress the change log
  • Added an info button that shows information about the addon gleaned from the toc file.
  • Added dependency checking for not installing and disabling AddOns in the install window.
  • Fixed a potential stack overflow on data downloading
  • Added TOC info to AddOn Manager
  • Added New Multi Selection check boxes to AddOn Manager
  • Added option to clear checkboxes after action in AddOn Manager
  • Added Scan for nopatch files in AddOn Manager when installing AddOn
  • Added required addons check when installing addons to alert to missing addons.


  • Fixed the Clean Blizzard checkbox so that it enable disables properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the path to the wow folder wasn't updated when a new location was selected. The pref was saved but the global variable was not updated with the new value.
  • Fixed the main window enable states so that buttons get enabled when needed after a failed update.
  • Fixed issue where there seems to be some max limit on the progress bar for windows that caused the bar to fill in way to fast when downloading files. Bar now shows the progress like it should.


  • Fixed bug where manual upload would be disabled after doing anything that disabled the buttons.
  • Changed the help shortcut from H to U because I forgot that cmd-h on the mac is for hiding the app.

v3.0 ReleaseEdit

  • Fixed progress text from disappearing on windows
  • Fixed Cleaned AddOns so that restoring them will work on windows
  • Added some options for Cleaned AddOns to go with the fix for windows
  • Added Advanced tab and moved the advanced options there
  • Removed Scrolling of options and changed the layout to reduce the window size some. This is due to a bug in RB.
  • Had manual upload hide when other upload option is set rather than being visible
  • Added help menu with links to the Cosmos home page and wowwiki users guide.

v3.0 release candidate 5 (private release)Edit

  • Fixed Data uploading
  • Added Manual data upload button which is only active when not auto uploading
  • Fixed problem with quick check not finding missing files outside of the interface folder.
  • Added self updating

3.0 release candidate 4 (private release)Edit

  • Fixed bug with auto patch and thottbot uploading where the uploading was canceled. Uploading will now complete after the patch when auto patch is enabled.
  • Uploading is complete with the exception of verification thotts servers can read the data.

v3.0 release candidate 3 (private Release)Edit

  • Recoded the Install Addon to copy the addon being installed rather than moving the folder to the Addon folder.
  • Fixed bug with files that were installed in disabled being cleaned.
  • Fixed bug with files that were to be installed in disabled but the install location was changed to enabled and the file would still install in disabled.

v3.0 release candidate 2 (Private Release)Edit

  • Finished the data generation for data uploading courtesy of Thott who provide the missing details.
  • Update button now reads Install if Cosmos.txt isn't found. Doesn't change it's behavior just better indication of that Cosmos isn't installed. Yeah you can fake the wording of the button out but it'll just replace the file and update anything that needs to update when you click Install
  • Moved Uninstall button to the main window from configuration and change it's enabled state based on whether Cosmos is installed.
  • Added cancel Button to update process which is just the update button doing something different.
  • Added mouse wheel support to all list boxes for scrolling.
  • Cosmos Options was getting long. Added Scroll bar and ability to scroll the prefs to keep the window from continually have to get larger.
  • Disabled above scrolling configs because of bug described below.
  • Added option to Always perform a complete file check.
  • Added button to reset to default prefs with confirmation.
  • Combined Code to update the main window button states to a function rather than having it multiple times across several other functions. This was done to make it easier to update button wordings.
  • Changed error message for not finding Interface, AddOns and DisabledAddons folders stating that they would be created.
  • Added an Uncheck all button in the Installer window.
  • Fixed install bug. When the list was being built for addons to install the item was not being check for install. Thus having all items checked by default and clicking continue install would not install anything because internally the field marking the file for installation was false.
  • Added some advanced features that can be all disabled with a check box.
  • Added the advanced feature of hiding the progress text.
  • Added the advanced feature to reduce the number of times that DoEvents is called to update and handle refreshes of the progress text. The number is user settable
  • Fixed the restore cleaned process it was broken it seems.
  • Fixed bug where files in the disabled folder were not checked to see if they existed causing them to be marked as changed even if they were not.

TODO: verify the cache building code works correctly and Get with Thott to verify data uploads are succesful. TODO: Check and fix a problem with uploading on opening.

BUG: There seems to be a bug in handling controls with in a canvas control where they are not properly ignored when not visible. This is most likely an RB bug and there seems to be no good workaround other than to make all the controls visible and forgo the scrolling feature *Blah* :(.

v3.0 release candidate 1 (Private Release)Edit

  • Thottbot uploading added
  • Fixed cleaning process it was broken
  • Made quick file check detect missing files.
  • Added option to installer window to show only changed files.
  • Finished Restore cleaned addon
  • Fixed a problem where an addon was uninstalled and not all the protected entries were removed.
  • Fixed a problem with unhandled exceptions and auto instaniations of objects

v3.0 beta 2 (Private Release)Edit

  • Fixed clean process it was broken.
  • Enabled the thottbot Login UI and added some options for when to upload data.
  • Added option to clean the Blizzard Addons when cleaning.
  • Added check box to not show the installer window again.
  • Fixed the problem with the Installer not defaulting to show installer when the option doesn't exist in the prefs
  • For the windows version added checks for a nil folderitem when getting children from the trash folder. This may be an RB bug as it should return a folderitem according to the docs. Waiting on a response about it.
  • Enabled Installer heading sorting and added code to force it to alpha sort the addons when it opens.
  • ISSUE: The windows version seems to blank out the status boxes at times. WIll have to figure out why later.
  • TODO: Write the code to perform the login and data upload.
  • TODO: Need to finish figuring out where the numbers in the upload come from.
  • TODO: Need to figure out the format for character uploading.
  • TODO: Write the code to handle the uncleaning of Addons.

v3.0 beta 1 (Private Release)Edit

  • New Install Window added
  • Reviewed and rewrote parts of the patch process to support new install window. This included closing the connection while checking and then reopening when ready to fetch files.
  • UI for thottbot added no code for it in this beta
  • Changed patch mantra to install mantra.
  • Added new Status text with even more details on what the updater is doing at the moment.
  • New Icon for the updater currently waiting on Oliver Janoschek permission to use it. The icon was located by jeeb123. I added the Cosmos text.
  • Problem with list file always being modified is gone.
  • Prepatch files are now PreUpdate files. Doesn't keep with the thott version but this name better identifies what it is. Also In the future I'm planning on expanding the pre update system some.
  • Removed dependency on Shell command to get the md5 file hash.
  • Split the windows and mac dependent code to be compiled for their respective platforms.


  • The Unhandled Exception error should be gone now when starting up.
  • Fixed the patch process relating to a non existent Cosmos Install
  • Prepatch files are now working.
  • When uninstalling an addon if there is a nopatch file it's removed as well.
  • Added a warning about protecting non cosmos addons when enabling keep interface directory clean.
  • Added option to enable or disable prepatch files.
  • Added the ability to rollback the patch using existing prepatch files that are in the interface folder. NOTE: prepatch files are deleted only when there are files that have changed. This means if any files are patched, the prepatch files are removed and recreated for the changed files.
  • Rollback has a confirmation dialog before performing the task.
  • Holding P, R or K when the program starts up performs the following actions.
    • K - Cancel Auto run. You can hit K during a patch check to cancel auto run for that patch check.
    • P - Cancel Auto patch
    • R - Perform Rollback. This cancels auto run and auto patch

v2.0 and beforeEdit


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