Corpulous is an abomination in Acherus: The Ebon Hold. He serves as Acherus' mess hall chef, and has written a book enumerating his rules for the mess hall: Corpulous' Mess Hall Rules

Corpulous' Mess Hall Rules

Corpulous's Mess Hall Rules


Inv potion 01
[Morning Glory Dew]
Inv mushroom 05
[Dried King Bolete]
Inv misc food 15
[Roasted Quail]
Inv misc food 50
[Smoked Talbuk Venison]
Inv mushroom 04
[Zangar Caps]
Inv drink waterskin 12
[Purified Draenic Water]
Inv drink waterskin 11
[Filtered Draenic Water]
Inv misc food 48
[Clefthoof Ribs]

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