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AllianceNPC 32Corki
Gender Male
Race Broken (Humanoid)
Level 60
Health 25,000
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation Kurenai
Location Nagrand; Darkmoon Island
Relative(s) Arechron (father)

Corki is a level 60 quest giver located in cages at Burning Blade Ruins, Northwind Cleft and Warmaul Hill in the contested territory of Nagrand. He is Arechron's capture-prone son.

He is involved in the following quests:

  1. Quest Avail 16x16Alliance 15 [65] HELP! (Burning Blade Ruins) [72, 70]
  2. Alliance 15 [66] Corki's Gone Missing Again! (Northwind Cleft) [39, 27]
  3. Quest Complete 16x16Alliance 15 [67G3] Corki's Ransom (Warmaul Hill) [29, 26]
  4. Quest Avail 16x16Alliance 15 [67G3] Cho'war the Pillager (Warmaul Hill)

See List of Nagrand NPCs.

He is also found occasionally at the Darkmoon Faire on Darkmoon Island, waiting to tour their menagerie of animals.

Patch changesEdit

  • 0400Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.3.0 (29-Nov-2011): Added to Darkmoon Island.

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Burning Blade Ruins Northwind Cleft Warmaul Hill
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