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{{NPC||The Rokk|Master of Cooking}} in [[Shattrath]]{{coords|62|16|Shattrath City}} offers the following Daily Cooking Quests (Require 275 Cooking):
:''See the main article [[Daily cooking quests]].''
* {{questlong|Neutral|Daily 70|Manalicious}}
* {{questlong|Neutral|Daily 70|Revenge is Tasty}}<sup> †</sup>
* {{questlong|Neutral|Daily 70|Soup for the Soul}}
* {{questlong|Neutral|Daily 70|Super Hot Stew}}<sup> †</sup>
:<sup>&dagger; </sup>Also requires flying.
Completing all four quests grants the [[Professions achievements#Cooking|Cooking Achievement]] "Kickin' It Up A Notch"
Each quest give as a reward a choice between:
* {{loot|Common|Barrel of Fish}}
* {{loot|Common|Crate of Meat}}
Either reward contains random raw food (fish or meat), usually some grey or white item (possibly a {{loot|Common|Skinning Knife}} or {{loot|Poor|Goldenscale Vendorfish}}), and might also include one of the following recipes:
{{Daily cooking recipes}}
A good tip is to always choose the Crate of Meat as your reward, until you have all recipes available from it, because it might contain items you need for your next daily cooking quest. When you have all of the recipes Crate of Meat has to offer, switch to Barrel of Fish in order to obtain the remaining recipes.
Most cooking quests can be completed while in a raid group. The exception to this is {{questlong|Neutral|Daily 70|Manalicious}}, as the mana berries cannot be looted while in a raid group.
[[Category:Daily quests| ]]
[[Category:Daily quests| ]]

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The following quests give a Cooking recipe as one of the rewards for completion. Note that the numbers beside the quest indicate the quest level, not the cooking level needed for the rewarded recipe.

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Daily questsEdit


Old Man Barlo outside Shattrath[38, 12] offers Level 70 Daily Fishing Quests. The reward has about a 9% chance of containing:


See the main article Daily cooking quests.

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