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Apprentice Cooking Recipes Edit

Apprentice Cooking proficiency can be trained as early as level 5, and permits progress up up to skill 75 and access to the following recipes:

Apprentice Cooking Recipes
Req. (Skillup, No Skillup) Item Ingredients Source
0 (45, 85) [Charred Wolf Meat] Trainer
0 (45, 85) [Herb Baked Egg] Trainer
0 (45, 85) [Roasted Boar Meat] Trainer
1 (30, 40) [Spice Bread] Trainer
1 (45, 85) [Brilliant Smallfish] [Recipe: Brilliant Smallfish]
1 (45, 85) [Crispy Bat Wing] [Recipe: Crispy Bat Wing]


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