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Pre-Zen Master
Recipe Minimum skill
[Sliced Peaches] 1
[Perfectly Cooked Instant Noodles] 30
[Toasted Fish Jerky] 60
[Dried Needle Mushrooms] 90
[Pounded Rice Cake] 120
[Yak Cheese Curds] 150
[Dried Peaches] 180
[Boiled Silkworm Pupa] 210
[Roasted Barley Tea] 240
Pre-Zen Master
Recipe Minimum skill
[Blanched Needle Mushrooms] 330
[Red Bean Bun] 360
[Skewered Peanut Chicken] 390
[Green Curry Fish] 420
[Peach Pie] 450
[Tangy Yogurt] 480
[Pearl Milk Tea] 495
Pre-Zen Master
Recipe Minimum skill
[Fish Cake] 500
[Golden Carp Consomme] 500
[Recipe: Spicy Salmon] 500
[Recipe: Spicy Vegetable Chips] 500
[Wildfowl Ginseng Soup] 510
[Rice Pudding] 520
[Recipe: Krasarang Fritters] 525
[Recipe: Viseclaw Soup] 525


Way of the Grill: Strength
Recipe Minimum skill
[Charbroiled Tiger Steak] 525
[Eternal Blossom Fish] 550
[Banquet of the Grill] 575
[Great Banquet of the Grill] 575
[Black Pepper Ribs and Shrimp] 600
Way of the Oven: Stamina
Recipe Minimum skill
[Wildfowl Roast] 525
[Twin Fish Platter] 550
[Banquet of the Oven] 575
[Great Banquet of the Oven] 575
[Chun Tian Spring Rolls] 600
Way of the Pot: Intellect
Recipe Minimum skill
[Swirling Mist Soup] 525
[Braised Turtle] 550
[Banquet of the Pot] 575
[Great Banquet of the Pot] 575
[Mogu Fish Stew] 600
Way of the Steamer: Spirit
Recipe Minimum skill
[Shrimp Dumplings] 525
[Fire Spirit Salmon] 550
[Banquet of the Steamer] 575
[Great Banquet of the Steamer] 575
[Steamed Crab Surprise] 600
Way of the Wok: Agility
Recipe Minimum skill
[Sauteed Carrots] 525
[Valley Stir Fry] 550
[Banquet of the Wok] 575
[Great Banquet of the Wok] 575
[Sea Mist Rice Noodles] 600
Way of the Brew: Headaches and Grandeur
Recipe Minimum skill
[Ginseng Tea] 525
[Jade Witch Brew] 550
[Banquet of the Brew] 575
[Great Banquet of the Brew] 575
[Mad Brewer's Breakfast] 600
[Recipe: Banana Infused Rum] 600
[Four Senses Brew] 600
General Cooking
Recipe Minimum skill Recipe Minimum skill
[Pandaren Banquet] 600 [Great Pandaren Banquet] 600

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