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Control Undead
Inv misc bone skull 01
  • Control Undead
  • 30 yd  range
  • 1 Unholy
  • 1.5 sec cast
  • Dominates the target undead creature, forcing it to do your bidding. While controlled, the time between the undead minion's attacks is increased by 30% and its casting speed is slowed by 20%. Lasts up to 5 min.
Usable by
ClassDeath knight
Cooldown (GCD 1 sec)
Level required69
Related debuff
Inv misc bone skull 01
  • Control Undead
  • Controlled.
  • Duration: 5 minutes

Control Undead is a death knight ability learned at level 69.

Notes Edit

  • [Death Coil] can be used on the undead.
  • Cast [Raise Dead] before using this ability, otherwise Raise Dead cannot be used.
  • Cannot be used on other death knights' ghouls, or death knights under the effects of [Lichborne].

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